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The upcoming 2009 Indian general elections are all set to be India's first digital elections.


'India's First Digital Election' is a collaborative wiki to compile a database of internet and mobile initiatives being used in the 2009 Indian general elections by political parties, individual politicians, and civil society groups.


This wiki is organized in three sections --


- Digital Initiatives: Links to websites, blogs, Twitter IDs, Facebook pages/ groups, Orkut groups and other digital initiatives.


- Media Coverage: Media stories on such digital initiatives.


- Blog Coverage: Blog reactions to such digital initiatives.


- Farewell speech Remember, you may be speaking about yourself or a office farewell speech.


- Design Company Innovative  design & strategy services.




Please help us document the use of technology in this historical election, by contributing to the wiki.


As of now, let's organize the content within the three sections based on themes and party affiliations, with related links next to each other. Also, to keep things simple, let's not create individual pages for specific campaigns. Overtime, we may want to revisit this organization.


For questions and comments, contact at gauravonomicss@gmail.com.


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